Celebrating Sisterhood for the Lunar New Year

Chloé Voices continues with a short film featuring three sets of identical sisters who share their Lunar New Year inspirations.

Gathering together, feeling the glow of the holiday, identical sisters open their hearts and express their unique style in the Chloé Lunar New Year capsule. Featuring the band Floruitshow; synchronized swimmers Wenwen and Tingting; and stand-up comedians Yanyui and Yanyue, this video captures how a sense of mutual inspiration motivates them forward and drives their creative spirit. “Art inspires us,” say Wenwen and Tingting. “We encourage, support and compete.” Or, as Floruitshow suggest, inspiration can come from anywhere, including “dreaming, gaming, filming, painting.”

As they reveal to Chloé, these sisters trust and support each other, exude their own light, and share in tender and lasting moments. “I think beauty is something sincere; when you see it, you can no longer move your eyes away,” offer Yanyui and Yanyue. “What inspires us in life sometimes are the things that are imperfect, and the ones that trigger our emotions.”
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