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chloé voices

- 9 Jun

Chloé Voices gives carte blanche to actress and model Sofia Boutella

Discover her evocative film, another interpretation of our ongoing series.

As Sofia Boutella contemplated her carte blanche series for #CHLOEvoices during the period of confinement, she arrived at the idea of introspection – the necessity to be conscious of such extraordinary stillness. The French Algerian actress and model channels her state of mind through movement, so that the intensity of her action becomes a release of emotion. The short film she created for Chloé with Keean Johnson is titled Sirocco, after the legendary Mediterranean wind that orginates in the Saharan desert and blows towards southern Europe. For Boutella, the message is one that looks both back and forward. “The work captures the contemplation of time that goes by differently when the world stops,” she says. “It is a reflection of freedom, reminiscence, and hope for a better future.”