chloé voices

- 25 Sep

Chloé Voices gives carte blanche to performer and director, Lafawndah

Our ongoing creative series returns with an enigmatic music video

From the first seconds of “You, at the end live in the forest,” a short film by Lafawndah for #CHLOEvoices, you sense she has created an ode not only to feminine determination but to Mother Nature. Shot from below, the trees appear overwhelmingly tall; the birdsong and breeze are her orchestra. Interpreting a song from her latest album, The Fifth Season, Lafawndah conjures hope and despair, melancholy and wonder. The Paris-based performer and director invites us to listen as she recounts a character whose destiny is mysteriously weighted with a greater purpose. As the leaves dance around her, Lawfawndah’s voice reverberates through this mystical forest scene. Dressed in a pure white sheath, her presence is pure and imbued with mystical strength.
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