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Chloé Zodiac Horoscope – Capricorn 2022

Capricorn Season – 2022-2023

This 2022 Capricorn Season begins with the very meaningful Capricorn Solstice, which in the Northern Hemisphere signals the shortest day and beginning of winter. This is a significant juncture in the entire astrological year, and is made far more significant in this instance by a partile or same-degree square between Sun at 0 Capricorn precisely square to Jupiter, at 0 Aries. This sets an optimistic tone for the coming year, especially its first half. The Capricorn New Moon two days later, on 23 December, also features the square to expansive and positive-thinking Jupiter. In the Solstice and in the New Moon, as well, we find the retrograde presence of Mars in Gemini, which contributes a reflective and even introspective element. We will perhaps be questioning all our motivation.

Then, in the last days of the year, on 29 December, we have the additional inward-looking of the retrograde of Mercury in Capricorn, at the 24-degree mark, along with Venus in the same degree of the sign. Because Mercury at the moment of the retrograde is square to the new planet, Eris, in Aries, and closely conjunct Venus in Capricorn, as described above, there is a warrior mode and also a relationship or aesthetic component to this extended period of time. New standards of beauty or personal romance that count for us deep down might be coming into play over the following five weeks. The Mercury Retrograde period lasts to beyond the end of January when we take Mercury’s retrograde shadow into account. Mercury stations to direct motion, still in Capricorn, on 18 January, and does not escape its retrograde shadow, recovering its lost zodiacal ground, until 7 February. The beginning month of the New Year is therefore, contrary to custom, not a great time to start anything new or to make resolutions; better not to “push the river’ during this time period. Instead, we will see a slow birth to 2023, really coming into its own by the year’s second month.

ARIES (20 Mar. – 19 Apr.). This is an interesting and optimistic season for you, Aries, especially at the Capricorn Solstice, its very start. Mercury is also preparing to turn to retrograde motion on 29 December, signaling an introspective time ahead. In the weeks to follow, you might find yourself questioning nearly everything to do with your work in the world and your public persona, and this could particularly apply in the timing of the Full Moon of 6 January. In essence, you are seeking a better fit between what you do out in the world and the deepest values that you aspire to. Partners might prove to be mentors in this regard.

TAURUS (20 Apr. – 19 May). This is a very profound season for you, Taurus, and as well a largely introspective time, as the calendar year ticks over. The season is kicked off by the significant Capricorn Solstice of 21 December and subsequent New Moon of the 23rd. Mars is in retrograde motion reflecting potential reversals, which also implies a rethinking of your resources, including financial ones. A week or so later, on 29 December, an important and quite consequential Mercury Retrograde period begins in your sector of Higher Mind, indicating that you will be reviewing and revising educational or travel plans, as well as your worldview, well into the New Year.

GEMINI (20 May. – 20 Jun.). You are dealing with a somewhat introspective stretch of time this season, Gemini, because of two personal planets in retrograde. These are first Mars, in your sign, and then a week or so later, Mercury, your ruler, in Capricorn, corresponding to your sector of intimacy and personal evolution. In this end-of-year timing you could therefore find yourself questioning certain aspects of your close connections with significant partners, as well your exposure to your own depths. Your intuition is very valuable to you now, and might inform you more clearly about what is going on for you than relying on what is merely logical.

CANCER (21 Jun. – 20 Jul.). This is a major season for you, Cancer, with a focus on partnership, Capricorn being your opposite sign. This is a reflective period as well, with Mars in retrograde motion in your sector of unconscious process; a potent time of assessing where you are heading, especially with regard to the relationship component of your life direction. All this is further amplified on 29 December and for the weeks thereafter, well into the New Year, as Mercury begins its retrograde period in Capricorn in close conjunction with relationship-oriented Venus. You are thinking deeply about everything, including career initiatives and your hidden depths, with the help of your closest allies.

LEO (21 Jul. – 21 Aug.). This is a thoughtful season for you, Leo, with your future direction in flux as you meditate on what it all means. As the New Moon hits on 23 December, Mars is in retrograde, with Mercury getting ready to as well. Mercury stations retrograde on the 29th, and in the weeks following you might come to see things quite differently from when you began. There is an emphasis on an educational approach to your evolving worldview. Your attitude of desiring to be of service to others plays into all this. The New Year slowly emerges into greater focus by the end of January, along with your sense of authentic participation in the world around you.

VIRGO (21 Aug. – 21 Sep.). This is a season of great moment for you, Virgo, when you will be reflecting on your public statement and your creativity. Mars is in retrograde as it begins, in your career sector, with Mercury, your ruler, also turning to retrograde motion by 29 December, in Capricorn. This signals an introspective time period when you will be asking more questions than providing answers, and when your attitude toward your creative self-expression will likely be in flux. Coming out the other side takes quite a long time, past the end of January, and yet might provide the understanding you need to fuel the next stage of your personal evolution.

LIBRA (22 Sep. – 22 Oct.) This is a season of reflective introspection for you, Libra, and of a productive focus also on partnership interaction. The Capricorn Solstice with which the season begins signals that, and as well the subsequent New Moon in your home and family sector. You are investigating familial relations and your partners also, with an inner eye. As you reconsider these private matters, and especially when Mercury changes direction on 29 December, and in the Mercury Retrograde period that follows, the Full Moon of 6 January is particularly strong for you, bringing up issues of career versus home environment along with fresh glimpses of your own interior dimensions.

SCORPIO (23 Oct. – 21 Nov.). This is a season of communication for you, Scorpio, and for reexamining intimacy with others and with yourself. Your thoughts are manifold and take an introspective dive toward greater interior awareness. This is especially so once the Mercury Retrograde period gets underway on 29 December, lasting through to beyond the end of January. The subject matter of your inquiry is your relationships as well as your own inner workings. The New Year becomes less action-oriented and more inward directed as a result. This gives you pause, and plenty of food for thought, and you might come out the other end feeling refreshed and alive.

SAGITTARIUS (22 Nov. – 20 Dec.). This is an intense, interesting, and introspective season for you, Sagittarius. With Mars retrograde in your opposite sign, you are likely questioning various factors of your partnership dynamic while at the same time joyfully reveling in an optimistic assessment of your own creativity and self-expression. When Mercury also retrogrades on 29 December, the subsequent weeks right to the end of January are filled with reflection and reconsideration around your values and your finances. A process of sorting out the essentials reveals that only those principles to which you are most sincerely committed will stand the test of time, and emerge to guide your bottom-line for future endeavors.

CAPRICORN (21 Dec. – 19 Jan.) This is your season, Capricorn, and you are likely travelling with a load of self-confidence, although with the retrograde of personal planets Mars and Mercury, this is also a reflective and inner-oriented time period. The Capricorn Solstice is your time to shine and the subsequent New Moon of the 23rd is doubly invigorating for you. You are bringing a thoughtful consciousness to future planning. When Mercury retrogrades on 29 December, there could be additional questioning and reconsideration of your very sense of identity and what you are up to out in the world. This is not a deficit but ultimately a springboard for the future once the January month has passed.

AQUARIUS (20 Jan. – 17 Feb.) This is a season of introspection for you, Aquarius, due to the retrograde of personal planets. The Capricorn New Moon of 23 December takes place in your sector of unconscious process and inner work, with Mars retrograde, so that from the very beginning of the Capricorn Season, even as you navigate the surface world of getting and spending, you are focused in large part on the very depths of your psyche. This introspective mode intensifies when Mercury also turns retrograde on 29 December, lasting for all of January. As December ends and the year turns, you are therefore mulling over hidden areas within you, to your future profit.

PISCES (18 Feb. – 19 Mar.). This is an internally oriented season for you, Pisces. Stemming from halfway through the previous one, you have been involved in a process of self-reflection, thinking about your beliefs and fundamental values, and attempting to suss out which of these can be discarded and which to take forward into your next stage of evolutionary development. In the ending days of the year, beginning on 29 December, Mercury turns retrograde, lasting to the end January, a time period that is also entirely relevant to your introspective search. The New Year dawns slowly in this regard, as you attempt to get situated with your best future foot forward.

Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and founder of AstroGraph Software, makers of TimePassages, is based in Santa Cruz, California. His book about Eris, the planet beyond Pluto only recently discovered and named, in 2006, is entitled: The Tenth Planet: Revelations from the Astrological Eris. His second book about new planets is entitled The Ephemeris of Trans-Neptunian KBO Planets.
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