Chloé Zodiac Horoscope – Leo 2022

Leo Season – 2022

Leo Season begins on 21 July just after the First Quarter Moon of the 20th, a potent configuration that features a same-degree grand cross in Cardinal signs between Sun, Moon, Pluto, and the new Nature planet, Haumea. This is of transformational impact. There could be added emphasis this entire season on elements of right action, as we head into the heart of summer. Then, the Leo New Moon of 28 July also emphasizes these same things, setting the stage for August. The New Moon also features also a powerful position of trickster Uranus, presaging the advent of novel forms of communication and information. Surprising events become the new normal and innovation is key.

The lunar phase that begins this season is a bit tense, part of what noted 20th century astrologer Dane Rudhyar, describing the Moon’s phases, called a “crisis in consciousness.” Indeed there is a revolution in understanding that could now be taking place, where each of us starts to trust more in our own inner guidance. August is punctuated with the Full Moon of the 11th signaling fulfillment, and also a sense of limitation. This juncture also however implies greater commitment to whatever it is that you create that serves the community around you as well as yourself. As difficult circumstances continue to prevail in every corner of our situation, we only can do what we can do, with our attitude, our voice, and our actions; these in support of a culture of kindness that may yet become the global reality. It will take all that we have got, and the great reward lies in at least trying.

ARIES (20 Mar – 19 Apr). This is another significant season for you, Aries, and one that, along with the transformational thrust of this rather intense year, might have some joy in store as well as surprising events. The Trickster planet Uranus is acting up in your resources sector, so that there could be fluctuations in values and finances. Your attitude toward your work in the world is also changing in a way that incorporates a fuller sense of the bottom-line principles that you espouse, and that you may begin to act upon. In any case don’t worry! This will be fun if you just go with the flow.

TAURUS (20 Apr – 19 May). This is another interesting season for you, Taurus, punctuated by the 28 July New Moon in your home and family sector. Surprising events could be a factor. Your family of origin could also come up, along with the possibility of disruptive elements straight from the glimmer of your unconscious process. Whatever does occur in this early timing is well worth exploring; try to be aware of your dreams. Communication is key, also journaling. Your very identity is in flux, and in a good way. The life changes that you engage upon will last a lifetime, or more, so that it benefits you to pay careful attention.

GEMINI (20 May – 20 Jun). This Season is somewhat magical for you, Gemini, at least as far as intuitional knowledge is concerned and the potential for major change. From the timing of the 28 July New Moon on, you are more communicative, even, than you usually are. There is fascinating information available to you from deep within your internal landscape, if you can shut down your ears and half-close your eyes to see and feel it. You are decidedly optimistic about your ongoing metamorphosis, and looking ahead beyond present difficulties to a future that involves tuning inside to the deep-seated principles and visions that are uniquely your own.

CANCER (21 Jun – 20 Jul). This season, Cancer, like the last, is quite a powerful one for you and for the continued metamorphosis of your partnership dynamic. Your work in the outer world is enhanced by adhering to your deepest principles and acting upon these. Your values themselves are one significant focus for you this season. Currently involved in your ongoing transformation as well is the subdued murmur of your own quite private inner world. By mid-August there is an action-orientation to your relationships and yet also blockages there to work through. You can trust your internal moral compass that tells you true, no matter what, when you are able to listen.

LEO (21 Jul – 21 Aug). This is a fairly comfortable season for you Leo, as befits your birthday time of the year. The New Moon of 28 July in your sign makes for a fresh start with interpersonal dynamics, the persona that you present to the world, and your sense of self in general. You are thinking Big Thoughts. Career-wise, many choices could suddenly become available, so that you win when you can stay as open as you can to possibility. There are relationship issues to work through in the timing of the 11 August Full Moon, together with a feeling of satisfaction when you can manage that.

VIRGO (21 Aug – 21 Sept). This is your Season, Virgo, for striving to become more aware of your inner realms and all its implications. Your deep values also come into the picture of how to plan for a more intentional future going forward. The 28 July Leo New Moon presents you with inner events from your dream imagination and with vital intuitional information also, when you can half-close your earthly eyes and ears to receive it. Unusual ways of seeing the world around you are present to you now, and not all will satisfy. Be prepared, however, to greet the changes that arrive your way from the ones that do.

LIBRA (22 Sept – 22 Oct). This is another highly charged and developmental season for you, Libra, with the prominence of transformational Pluto in a key sector of your chart. You are focused on your future plans and on what you can contribute to the cultural evolution you are in the midst of, and more attuned than ever toward finding – in the midst of confusing and dangerous times – your own sense of deep principle and moral compass that can steer you through the rocks and white water. You remain other-oriented, and perhaps are reflecting that important relationships form an informative mirror for your own evolutionary journey into greater wholeness.

SCORPIO (23 Oct – 21 Nov). This is a fascinating season for you, Scorpio, as your work in the world becomes your focus, along with the important partnerships in your life. Your inner realms and your deepest values also come strongly into this picture. Mars, your traditional ruler, recently entered into your opposite sign presages a relationship focus to the next thirty days. The Leo New Moon of 28 July is one of fresh outer world initiatives, with the distinct possibility that surprising events and choices will complexify your situation. All you can do is put one foot ahead of the other, prioritizing your own evolutionary development as you go.

SAGITTARIUS (22 Nov – 20 Dec). This season represents a further development, Sagittarius, of shifting understandings and priorities within you. You will want to pay close attention to everything that is happening to you now, with an eye toward your future alignments. There is a bit of an activist agenda emerging, and it has to do with an enhanced conception of what deeply matters to you. As your set of beliefs and your worldview come into greater focus, so too does your determination to act, to put your money where your mind is, so to speak. Even your daily habits are changing, as you might have noticed. Seize the tide!

CAPRICORN (21 Dec – 19 Jan) The changes and challenges of this new season are essential ones for you, Capricorn. As it begins, things are in something of a shake-up with you. You remain concerned with issues of intimacy with important others, and perhaps most meaningfully with deep connection to your own inner world. Into the mix is an additional emphasis on your distinct and unique moral code as differentiated from the influence of consensus belief and opinion. This could represent a significant departure. The Full Moon of 11 August brings renewed issues of self and other, which can be seen as an aid to your own evolutionary development. Sail on!

AQUARIUS (20 Jan – 17 Feb) This is an important season for you, Aquarius, a time of recognizing the value of inner work and the part that is played in your further development by intuition. This is beyond logic, and yet it is a logical premise that leads you to it, as you begin to comprehend in novel ways that such inner attunement is real, and entirely practical. In this you are aided by key partnerships in your life, which is a renewed focus over this period. As your beliefs and worldview expand, there is a commensurate ability to get your message across to others, and theirs to you also.

PISCES (18 Feb – 19 Mar). This is a rather amazing season for you, Pisces, or at least you can make it so. Inner work remains key. Issues of identify and self-concept have long been brewing and at least some of these seem to revolve around a powerful focus you have now with day-to-day regimens. You might want to ask yourself the magical question of whether you can change your luck and your outcomes by changing your habitual activities. Your values and the way that you communicate them to others is of vital importance and you benefit from being able to absorb information from unusual directions.

Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and founder of AstroGraph Software, makers of TimePassages, is based in Santa Cruz, California. His book about Eris, the planet beyond Pluto only recently discovered and named, in 2006, is entitled: The Tenth Planet: Revelations from the Astrological Eris. His second book about new planets is entitled The Ephemeris of Trans-Neptunian KBO Planets.
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