There is a New Moon in the beginning degrees of Pisces that starts off this season, and this is an exceptionally powerful planetary configuration with Venus just entering into Aries and Mars aspecting Trickster Uranus. Jupiter in Aries opposes exactly the newly discovered planet beyond Pluto, Makemake, and this implies expanded awareness of an innate feeling within our psyche of what is true for us emotionally and makes good moral sense. The other one of these new Nature planets, Haumea, currently located in the first degree of Scorpio, is trined by the Sun and Moon. All this amounts to a spiritually motivated season when we will be getting closer to understanding the forces that drive us from deep inside, and that contribute to getting a head start on understanding our deepest principles of right action and right relationship as we grow.

It is also possible that inner wounding will come up, as indicated by the highlighted presence of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in Aries, aspected by Mercury in the New Moon, by Venus at the beginning of March, and by Jupiter in the mid-season Full Moon of 7 March. Chiron refers to somewhat dysfunctional patterns of behavior, the residue of ancient trauma, likely suppressed and buried away, and these can feel angsty when they arise. Still, their coming to greater consciousness represents a powerful opportunity for healing our issues. The recipe here is to pay the closest possible attention, exercising lovingkindness in accepting ourselves from top to bottom, including these flaws.

The other strong factor at the Full Moon, and in the potent Last Quarter Moon a week later, taking place late on the 14th, or early morning the 15th in Europe, is an emphasis on Uranus in Taurus. The Trickster will show up as unexpected revelations that challenge previous conceptions, together with surprising events. In the Quarter Moon as well, the new planet Eris is also highlighted, aspected by the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Neptune. Eris, Feminine Warrior in support of soul intention, beckons us to act on the urgings of our deepest convictions, and on nothing else.

ARIES (20 Mar. – 19 Apr.). This is another fascinating season for you, Aries, when there are many introspective and meaningful astrological currents tugging at you. Relationship considerations come into this, and after 1 March, inner wounding in connection with partners. You are being drawn to your own inner world, what you might there encounter and what rewards are to be gained. These are questions that you will want to be asking yourself, and often, in the weeks ahead. Your wounding originated in forgotten trauma, and is healed by present-day attention being paid. A Trickster archetype within you throws unexpected outcomes, and the 14 March Quarter Moon may bring these matters to a head.

TAURUS (20 Apr. – 19 May). This is a season of social connection, Taurus, with a touch of inner work. After 1 March there is a whisper of inner wounding from deep inside your mind. The recipe for healing these types of issues is to pay loving attention to the hurt places that you can feel within the depths of your psyche. The Full Moon of 7 March is electric. You are pulled in several directions at once; some are risky moves accompanied by novel insights, while others enjoin you to keep to the path of caution. Included in the possibilities are doing, and refraining from doing, and each has its own rewards.

GEMINI (20 May. – 20 Jun.). You are in for another interesting season, Gemini, with a focus right from the start on career and profession. Inner wounding could come up for you after 1 March, and, if so, what works is wonders paying the closest possible attention and loving yourself through it. You also have Uranus emphasized in your sector of unconscious process, bringing intuitional wisdom, surprises, and unexpected revelations your way. This is especially so in the timing of the Full Moon of 7 March, as you balance public and private perspectives. One week later you encounter renewed commitment to outer world responsibility plus the energy to act upon this internal mandate.

CANCER (21 Jun. – 20 Jul.). This is a season of beliefs and worldview, travel and education, Cancer. The ultimate purpose is that you expand your mind. The Moon’s First Quarter on 27 February, while filled with outer world accomplishment, also draws you to introspective depths of great insight. After 1 March, your task involves mastering inner impulses by means of self-love. The Full Moon of 7 March is magical and opens doorways of opportunity provided you can stay open to possibility. A week later, the Last Quarter Moon of 14 March brings inner and outer together into a great shift in consciousness. And this is to the extent that you will allow it.

LEO (21 Jul. – 21 Aug.). This is another season of depth exploration, Leo, far removed from the extroverted sunny skies you are more used to. Career choices abound and you have the impulse to go for big changes but you might also have to also proceed with caution. The Full Moon of 7 March brings up issues of self and other, partnership agreements, and also your finances. Following and investigating your own inner moral compass brings the greatest rewards. The last two weeks of this period are filled with looking to the future with an attitude of idealism that also has its practical side.

VIRGO (21 Aug. – 21 Sept.). This is a season with a focus on your key relationships, Virgo. There are indications as well that some form of inner wounding in this area might pop up; and, if so, with terrific opportunities to heal some of this by paying loving attention to the hurt places within you. The Full Moon of 7 March is crucial for summing up issues of self and other, and for bringing new ideas to your belief system around what is possible. As the remaining weeks of this period continue to unfold, you are balancing public and private concerns along with your relationship dynamic, and putting yourself out there in new ways.

LIBRA (22 Sept. – 22 Oct.) This is a season of exploring your life purpose, Libra. You are concerned with finding spiritual values in the ordinary details of everyday life, and with utilizing your key partnerships in part as reflections on your own internal development. If some form of inner wounding should arise in the relationship context, this might also be an opportunity to more closely examine such issues with loving attention and begin to heal. The Full Moon of 7 March is a crucial juncture, bringing mystical realities closer to consciousness. And this is the more true for you the more that you can trust your deep-seated intuition to see you through.

SCORPIO (23 Oct. – 21 Nov.). This is a season of breakthrough for your creativity, Scorpio, and for finding joy in your everyday activities. In this regard, you are coming closer to a sense of life purpose that is crucial for you; and this involves a journey to the inside of your psyche that has been gestating for many weeks now. With the Full Moon of 7 March, you are exploring how your own self-expression serves your friendships, your group affiliations, and your community, while one week later, the Moon’s Last Quarter on the 14th represents a vitally important turning point and a deep dive into Spirit within.

SAGITTARIUS (22 Nov. – 20 Dec.). This is another creative season for you, Sagittarius, because of new developments with the progress of Jupiter, your ruler, through your self-expression sector. You are beginning a new phase of development where what comes up for you from the deep interior of your psyche is increasingly important in planning your pathway forward. It might be that your learning curve also includes how to deal with occasional upset from ancient wounds that never do quite heal, but through healthful habits of attention paid can be lived with. The Full Moon of 7 March brings surprises to your habitual patterns, and new attitudes toward service and dedication to others’ needs.

CAPRICORN (21 Dec. – 19 Jan.) This is a season of communication and learning, Capricorn. You are reaching for a new phase in your beliefs and worldview, affecting the way that your work in the outer world aligns with internal priorities and understandings. A prolonged stage of realignment with respect to your very identity is coming to its close, with new vistas opening up. Inner wounding might rear its head and, if so, present an opportunity for healing. Loving attention to all your parts will help to smooth the way there. The Full Moon of 7 March is climactic, and makes for surprising events surrounding your creativity, which is sizzling, and novel revelations to your worldview.

AQUARIUS (20 Jan. – 17 Feb.). This is a season, Aquarius, of delving within for your own most sincere principle and values. Your root psychology is more present to your decision-making than it is usually given credit for, and the time is right for looking to the inside for answers. The consciousness of inner wounding might come up, providing an opportunity for healing. The very end of February is significant for beginning to sort things out, while the Full Moon of 7 March represents a powerful time of realignment. Your own internal moral compass, that still, small voice within, can eventually form the basis for what you are saying and even doing.

PISCES (18 Feb. – 19 Mar.). This is your season, Pisces, as you begin to show up in an entirely new way based on the accumulated emotional wisdom of the past two months. The New Moon at the very start is the evidence for that; plus the connection of your co-ruler, Jupiter, to planetary archetypes of depth connection and interior moral compass holding increasingly greater sway upon your thinking. The Full Moon of 7 March, and as well the Quarter Moon one week later, make for a vision of self and other that transcends previous relationship dynamics, contributing to your spiritual evolution. You begin acting from exclusively your own deep values.

Henry Seltzer is a transformational astrologer and founder of AstroGraph Software, makers of the popular, award-winning astrology app, TimePassages, terrific for exploring your astrology. Henry is also the author of The Tenth Planet, a groundbreaking book on the new planet Eris.
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