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Chloé Zodiac Horoscope – Sagittarius 2022

Sagittarius Season – 2022

This Sagittarius Season comes along in the aftermath of the last, that featured two tension-filled eclipses. We could think of this current period as recovery from the trials of the previous season’s intensity, were it not for the fact that eclipses last longer than thirty days in their effects! As the thrust of the previous cycle’s eclipses continues, however, there are milder astrological currents also circulating. Optimistic and forward-looking Jupiter is featured, stationing to forward motion in the timing of the Sagittarius New Moon of 23 November, just at the very beginning of the season. We also have Mars in retrograde, in Gemini, from now until January, when he reverses back to his normal direction. This New Moon energy also features a shift in one of the new planets beyond Pluto, called Haumea, that references the way that we know internally what is morally right. We might understand this at some level and yet not always do it, but that is another story. You could find yourself more thoughtful concerning deep intuitional levels of what seems like natural law to you, right action and right relationship.

On 30 November, the Moon’s First Quarter finds Mercury is opposition with retrograde Mars and in sextile with stern and rigid Saturn. This is a good time for deep reflection, not so good for getting lots of things accomplished. It might feel like Mercury retrograde. Then, with the Full Moon of 7 December, there is quite a lot going on, mainly because the Moon at 16 Gemini is in perfect conjunction with retrograde Mars, and also lies exactly one sign away from the recent lunar eclipse degree, that was conjunct Trickster Uranus. Mercury has entered Capricorn. This is quite a powerful juncture, and will likely bring up further revelations from what went on with the changes of the recent season. Surprise events and novel realizations become the order of the day.

ARIES (20 Mar. – 19 Apr.). This is another interesting season for you Aries, when everything seems to be slowing down and when you can yet succeed internally. That is, if you are willing to change gears. Your ruler, Mars, is in retrograde and aspecting limiting Saturn; your forward momentum could be non-existent. Introspection is the name of your game right now. Even your speaking voice could be slower and more deliberate. You can make progress with better understanding of your internal motivation. When you know what it is that you truly want to accomplish, then you can proceed with plans for how to get yourself there.

TAURUS (20 Apr. – 19 May). This is a time, Taurus, of recovery from the intensity of the Scorpio-Taurus eclipse season you have just lived through. You are likely still reeling in the aftermath and can begin to take stock. Your degree of acceptance to innovation is one by-product that you are this season still attempting to resolve, along with the evolutionary changes that are still occurring within you. This is a thoughtful time of great mental adjustment, and great imagination. Your values are your bottom line and you are exploring these intently. It might help to recognize that nothing stays static, that change is life itself.

GEMINI (20 May – 20 Jun.). You have a bright, idealistic, and changing future ahead of you this season, Gemini. Along with a distinct relationship emphasis you are feeling a definite call to action, although of an inner variety. Deep-seated intuition is your guide right now, contrasting with your usual logical approach. The 7 December Full Moon in your sign brings additional partner focus to the fore, but there is primacy for your individual evolutionary development. A very powerful Mars position calls you to further interior explorations with consequences for aligning your developing plans with strictly your own essential values, to the exclusion of all else.

CANCER (21 Jun. – 20 Jul.). This is a Sagittarius Season, Cancer, that pulls you away from outer and into inner work. Your day-to-day activities are highlighted, along with your mission of service to others, and your relationship dynamic, which is still transforming. You are finding answers to unasked questions about where indeed you are heading, and yet these only arise from a process of intuition, once you can manage to close your eyes to see. The 7 December Full Moon represents a powerful juncture, a sense of doing as well as being, with the activity taking place on deeply internal grounds.

LEO (21 Jul. – 21 Aug.). This is a season of productivity for you, Leo, although of a most peculiar kind. While ideas abound, inner considerations come ahead of outer ones. What is at stake is your own take on your own creativity, independent of distracting consensus voices and with personal transformation on the line as well. many choices involving career and profession and yet there is resistance too, perhaps in the form of sober-minded mentors with a different concept. Intuition is key. You will come through by depending on what you hold inside to provide the answers that you seek.

VIRGO (21 Aug. – 21 Sept.). This is a season of internal movement, Virgo, preceding eventual integration. You are changing at the core. Your focus is in matters of your home base, which includes your actual dwelling, the people within it along with current familial arrangements, and your family of origin.This is therefore a time of digging in, to eventually arise refreshed and newly positioned. Your ongoing transformation of viewpoints and values is subtle, and it is nevertheless there, with needful adjustments. This is as you prepare for an action orientation that takes strictly your own principles into account.

LIBRA (22 Sept. – 22 Oct.) This is another interesting season for you, Libra, one of learning and growing in understanding with an emphasis on relationship stability. Partners are encouraging to you now. You are looking inside and seeing more deeply into many factors of your life, extremely curious and mentally alive, trying to imagine who, at base, you really are. There is a deeply intuitive part of you as well that bypasses purely logical solutions and that yet often succeeds in coming up with unexpected truth. You are also steadfast regarding your creative projects which you recognize as life changing for you.

SCORPIO (23 Oct. – 21 Nov.). This is quite a season for you, Scorpio, in the wake of the intensity of prior eclipses in your sign. As the Sagittarius New Moon plunges you into different territory, you are in the midst of an overflow of emotions and realizations from the past few weeks, looking more closely as you proceed at the values and resources that you have to work with. Partnership agreements become key for you, as grist for your mill. You are seeking, and even finding, another mode of operating that takes a significant internal moral compass as its starting point. it is only what you uniquely hold deep within yourself that can be your guide.

SAGITTARIUS (22 Nov. – 20 Dec.). This is your season, Sagittarius, and it is a self-initiating one. You have come through the relative trials of Scorpio eclipses, and have changed, perhaps, in some ways. The current season is your opportunity to discover the actual dimensions of your metamorphosis. As you revel in your renewed sense of who and what you really are, you celebrate contributing partners along the way of your own evolution. Included as well are new creative projects and educational thrusts far removed from academics. It is most important that you recognize how to base your future actions on your own deepest principles, and upon nothing else.

CAPRICORN (21 Dec. – 19 Jan.) This is a season of inner work, Capricorn, to go on with the previous season’s intensity that included depth exploration as its watchword. As you continue your evolutionary journey, it is time to delve beneath the surface, mining the strata there that reference unconscious drives and patterns, and thereby encountering the final truth of who you are. As spiritual literature asserts, this truth shall make you free. Affected are your burgeoning creativity and your mission of service to others, as well as the moving target of your very worldview. You are performing the miracle of striving for genuine authenticity in alignment with your Higher Self.

AQUARIUS (20 Jan. – 17 Feb.) This is in part a season of recovery for you, Aquarius, in the wake of the intensity of the previous thirty days. You are coming into yourself in a new way. The very last day of November is difficult in some ways but also extremely meaningful for you. You are making a fresh start with friendships and group associations that you trust. What you yourself put forward in terms of your own personal creativity has its repercussions out in the world, influencing your community and the collective at large. This is important for you as you contemplate where you have been, and where you are ultimately headed.

PISCES (18 Feb. – 19 Mar.). This is another powerful season for you, Pisces. Your work in the world, in terms of career, or public statement, is a rapidly changing target, especially so in the wake of the eclipses of October and early November. You are learning and growing with a new sense of freedom, acknowledging the intuitional promptings of your own inner wisdom, and yet there is something holding you back from fully embracing this mandate. Perhaps it is a healthy sense of a balancing act between the old and the new. Or it could equally be that the past is somehow acting as a drag upon the present.

Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and founder of AstroGraph Software, makers of TimePassages, is based in Santa Cruz, California. His book about Eris, the planet beyond Pluto only recently discovered and named, in 2006, is entitled: The Tenth Planet: Revelations from the Astrological Eris. His second book about new planets is entitled The Ephemeris of Trans-Neptunian KBO Planets.
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