This Virgo Season is an interesting one, and it is complexified by Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, slowing down and getting ready to turn retrograde three weeks in. Before that though, we have a quite dynamic New Moon in Virgo, taking place on 27 August, at 4 degrees of the sign (out of 30). Because on this same day we also find Mars at 4 degrees of Gemini, in perfect square, this entire season has a strong Martian flavor which implies that we are busy doing rather than simply being, and that hidden anger is always a possibility and could surface in unexpected ways.

Also in this New Moon we have strong Venus, exactly opposite Saturn, and in square with Uranus, meaning that antithetical elements of limitation and unbounded potential are equally present and can conflict. You must utilize discernment to recognize whether to obey that impulse to swing for the fences or, instead, take a more conservative approach. Mercury technically begins its full-on retrograde motion in early Libra on 9 September, and then really gets going with the subsequent Pisces Full Moon on the very next day, the 10th. In this Full Moon configuration, the Sun closely trines the trickster planet of Uranus, with traces of Neptune, so that in the midst of a spiritual and highly introspective final ten days of the season, surprises and reversals abound. Mercury remains in its backwards motion until 2 October, and then takes a couple more weeks to regain Libra and to finally straighten out. You can profitably use this time for self-inquiry, bearing in mind that your innermost principles and values are very present to you now so that you benefit from really beginning to figure out what exactly these are.

ARIES (20 Mar. – 19 Apr.). This is an interesting season of contrasts for you, Aries, favoring action on the one hand, but also a disinclination to choose on the other. Communication is key, and the gathering of information from unconscious intuitive sources. As time goes by there might be increasing confusion over the right pathway forward. Your values are shifting but this particular thirty-day period might not be the best timing to make any sudden moves. When Mercury begins its retrograde with the Full Moon of 10 September, there is an emphasis on introspection, inner work, partnership questioning, and thoughtful weighing of all of the contrasting sides.

TAURUS (20 Apr. – 19 May). This is another vitally impactful season, Taurus. Your work in the world has become an important focus for you, with choices that involve the contrast between personal freedom versus responsibility. Neither entirely wins out. The inner work that you are also drawn to, perhaps amidst intuitional information that defies logic, is more important to you now than ever. Your beliefs and worldview are evolving, and at some point the questions themselves become more important than the tentative answers. This is fundamentally about forging a new sense of personal identity based upon inner and outer experience as two sides of the very same coin.

GEMINI (20 May – 20 Jun.). This is a season of action, Gemini, and also of a distinctly inner orientation involving your family space or potentially your dwelling. Issues of family of origin could also come up as you attempt a better integration between all the various moving parts. Your intuition is strong. There is a thoughtful energy for studied self-expression that eventually, with the 10 September Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde, turns in upon itself, stimulating review and readjustment of your creativity and its intended outcome. You are seeking and might need to be content – at least through this next season – with a mode of inquiry rather than with resolution.

CANCER (21 Jun. – 20 Jul.). This is a strong season, Cancer, for focusing on outer world interests, but with a definite twist to the inside. At the 27 August New Moon, you are hyper concerned with matters of career and reputation. It’s a good moment for journaling your actual dreams as well as your future vision. Your bottom-line internal values form a major determinant of where you are heading, which is a rapidly changing landscape. In the Pisces Full Moon of 10 September, and the week that follows, nothing is clear, and you might more profitably spend your time in constructive reflection rather than engaging in direct action.

LEO (21 Jul. – 21 Aug.). This is, Leo, a potentially disquieting season for you. Amidst surprising events and multiple career choices, you are very focused on your values, and where to put the investment of your time and energy moving forward. There is a stop and go feeling of interest in progressive measures and conservative holding back. Whatever you decide, you might very well be questioning these goals by the time of the Pisces Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde of 10 September. The remainder of September is a spiritually active time for you, with additionally Mercury moving backwards through your communication sector. This is very good for meditating on your condition.

VIRGO (21 Aug. – 21 Sept.). This is your Season, Virgo, and it is a powerful one of trying to choose where you are, and where in the world you might be heading. Your unconscious intentions play a larger role that you had previously imagined, and you do well to acknowledge this basic fact of life. Your deepest principles and values are quite important to you now. With the Full Moon of 10 September, featuring the start of the Mercury Retrograde period lasting through to mid-October, you might find yourself questioning nearly everything you thought you had figured out. It does pay you however to keep trying.

LIBRA (22 Sep. – 22 Oct.) This is an interesting and rather quirky season for you, Libra, capped with a Mercury Retrograde period beginning in your sign. The 27 August New Moon brings surprising events your way, along with new opportunities for friendship or group connection provided you are willing to capitalize on them. You are inner oriented and yet focused on creative endeavors that could benefit others around you. Mercury swings to backward motion on 9 September, lasting until mid-October before fully finishing. This begins for you a greatly introspective time when you are investigating deeply felt principles as almost a new way of life.

SCORPIO (23 Oct. – 21 Nov.). This is another amazing season for you, Scorpio, featuring intimacy with essential partners and ultimately with yourself. Beginning with the 27 August New moon, you find that important relationships surprise and confound you, imparting unexpected wisdom, and yet also putting you on the spot with unforeseen limitations. To decide how much to accept, look for what makes the most sense to you in terms of your future growth. Two weeks later on, the Full Moon of 10 September with Mercury Retrograde has you in an entirely introspective mode. You are perhaps – over the next four to five weeks – struggling to redefine yourself and your prospective outlook.

SAGITTARIUS (22 Nov. – 20 Dec.). This is a mystical and yet practical season for you, Sagittarius. You are focused on real-world success, and yet coming at this from an inner perspective that takes you closer to the hidden agenda of your higher Self. Partners come into this as well, with some of the answers, and yet you must exercise discernment to discover which ones to take up, as you learn and communicate your way into greater wholeness. Your creative abilities are funneled through a self-correcting lens of what is right for the world as well as yourself, and you could find that you win by paying close attention to this deep intuitional truth.

CAPRICORN (21 Dec. – 19 Jan.) This is another consequential season for you, Capricorn. The focus is on your beliefs and values, and you are caught between innovation and holding steady to what has always worked for you in the past. Travel and educational initiatives come into this as well. As you evaluate alternatives, and try to keep true to your best interest, you might find that this involves inner realities as much as outer. When Mercury turns retrograde on 9 September, and on into mid-October, you might find that you are revising and reorienting in order to take everything into account, especially what might be considered your deepest principles.

AQUARIUS (20 Jan. – 17 Feb.) This is a relationship-oriented season for you, Aquarius. You are still dealing with adventures in intimacy with important others. In the 27 August New Moon, you are seeking greater depth of connection plus your own integration, with matters of personal identity and core beliefs to contend with. The solution to these conundrums is to continue to trust in your process, staying as true as you can to your deepest values and beliefs. With the 10 September Full Moon and accompanying Mercury Retrograde, you are brought into an introspective mode that allows you to meditate on where you are going with partnership considerations, and why.

PISCES (Feb. 18-March 19). This is an intense season for you, Pisces, when relationship or potential relationship comes into the picture fully as much as your own independent agenda. It is however your own depths – and your values – that you bring to the table as well, for balance, and these might somewhat clash with the goals of important partners. With the Full Moon in your sign of 10 September, the sense of the Other becomes even more fully emphasized, serving as guidepost for your own development. With Mercury in retrograde now, you will want to watch and wait, rather than to “push the river.” Meditative modes serve you well lasting into mid-October.

Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and founder of AstroGraph Software, makers of TimePassages, is based in Santa Cruz, California. His book about Eris, the planet beyond Pluto only recently discovered and named, in 2006, is entitled: The Tenth Planet: Revelations from the Astrological Eris. His second book about new planets is entitled The Ephemeris of Trans-Neptunian KBO Planets.
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