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- 25 September

Ariane Labed appears on Chloé Radio

The podcast series features women who embody Chloé’s natural, free-spirited femininity

“To all women, I always say, you must dare.” — Gaby Aghion, founder of Chloé, in 1952.
The Chloé Radio podcast evokes these words by inviting women who inspire Chloé to share their views, whether personal insights or towards the wider world.

In this episode of Chloé Radio, Ariane Labed tells host Augustin Trapenard how she doesn’t make a distinction between being daring on camera and in real life. The French actress, who is the face of the latest Chloé perfume, Nomade, often favours roles that depict femininity with depth and grace. She says that facing her doubts and taking risks usually yields a positive outcome. Working with female directors, she adds, feels natural. “I’m drawn to their projects and I like serving their vision as a woman.”

Gaby Aghion founded Chloé to give women freedom to dare to be themselves.

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