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- 12 May

Chloé for UNICEF

Help raise funds to protect children and accelerate gender equality in the Coronavirus

Since April, through our Girls Forward partnership, Chloé has been donating 10% of online sales to support UNICEF in their efforts to respond to the coronavirus crisis and accelerate gender equality. In addition, we have been raising vital funds with generous contributions from Chloe customers on the dedicated Chloé for UNICEF partnership page (https://help.unicef.org/chloe).
This support will come on top of the multi-million long-term engagement on gender-equality programs Chloe is already supporting UNICEF with.

Given the overwhelmingly positive response to this fundraising and our desire to reach further and faster for every child, we are extending this initiative through May 16.

Our new goal: 100 000 €.

Your donation is helping UNICEF with its most immediate needs: protecting children and healthcare workers. UNICEF is working to supply personal protective equipment to frontline workers, delivering hygiene and handwashing supplies to schools, health centers and childcare facilities and ensuring the continuation care for pregnant women, and immunization for children.
The donation will also help accelerate gender equality in these critical times. The support will help improve distance learning opportunities for children and youth and support community-level women’s and girls’ networks to deliver information and services in response to rising levels of domestic violence.

This is a critical moment where every contribution has both an immediate and long-lasting impact.

Learn more about the actions that UNICEF is undertaking, as well as Chloé’s involvement, by joining Natacha Ramsay-Levi for an Instagram live discussion with Patty Alleman, UNICEF Senior Gender Advisor on May 12.

*UNICEF does not endorse any company, brand, product or service.