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chloé voices

- 22 April

Chloé for Unicef

10% of sales donated to support UNICEF’s emergency response and to help keep girls safe during the coronavirus crisis

Since 2019, Chloé has been supporting @UNICEF’s gender equality programs.
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, women and girls are facing new challenges; not only are they at risk of getting sick, they risk losing their access to education and experiencing violence.
As UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore says, “Women and girls are the hidden victims of the pandemic.”
UNICEF is committed ensuring to gender equality is at the heart of the Corona virus frontline service delivery, system strengthening support, community engagement, and advocacy and communications. For example, health care workers and facilities, as well as other facilities such as safe spaces and shelters, should be prepared to take on the caseload of women and girls experiencing violence particularly shifting to reach girls and women where they are located through in-person service provision keeping a safe distance; using digital platforms such as U-report to assess needs, tackle misinformation and share reliable, timely information; and training frontline workers to anticipate, prevent and respond to health, violence and psychosocial needs.
Chloé will be donating 10% of sales for 2 weeks to support UNICEF in their efforts to help keep girls safe during the coronavirus crisis.*

You can also make a direct donation via a dedicated Chloé page on the UNICEF website (link https://help.unicef.org/chloe).

*UNICEF does not endorse any company, brand, product or service