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chloé voices

- 20 November

Chloé gives Carte Blanche to Cecilia Bengolea

Known as La Rosa Nega, the young flamenco dancer performs in the vast Camargue landscape for Chloé Voices.

A single feminine figure surrounded by little else but the sand and sea of Camargue, Celine Daussan begins to dance a variation of Flamenco. With each movement of her body, each twirl of her wrist, she offers a tribute to the migrants of Algeria whose music and the culture inspire her as much as the landscape. Known as La Rosa Negra, she has danced since she was nine years old, exploring and developing interests in the Arabian music and dance originating from the Kabyle people and her motherland of Northern Africa. Directed by dancer Cecilia Bengolea, this short film shows Celine conjuring the ever-shifting identities that propel her through a personal journey. With the sunlight catching the glinting pattern of her Chloé dress, she is a luminous expression of inner strength.
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