chloé voices

- 9 April

Introducing Chloé Voices

This new series showcases singular talents who will share inspiring content, live interactions and performances across our social media channels 

The Chloé Voices series debuts with Regina Demina. As a self-described holistic artist, Demina expresses herself across several creative fields including dance, music, video and installation art. Based in Paris with Russian/Ukrainian background, she has emerged as a distinctive talent who composes unconventional narratives that register with resolute femininity. Whether through EPs released in 2018 or live performance, Demina consistently composes a self-portrait that reveals an intellectual connection to her desires, her body and its movements. 
For her project with Chloé, she brings her multi-disciplinary background to the airy sensuality of Natacha Ramsay-Levi’s Spring Summer designs, introducing daring movements that feel at once intimate, impulsive and graceful.
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