chloé voices

- 17 July

Chloé Voices gives Carte Blanche to artist Tony Gum

Discover her creative work, another interpretation of our ongoing series.

Tony Gum is a young photographer based in Cape Town who has become increasingly recognized worldwide for her depictions of black female identity. Through self-portraiture, she often creates a bridge between traditional and contemporary African culture, suggesting its adaptive potential to evocative effect. Titled Klo Way (2020) after a South African colloquial term, her exclusive series for #CHLOEvoices features an alter ego, uTony, who assumes various representations absent of any obvious narrative. In these images, Gum has created a curated environment that emulate the portraits taken at umcimbi, a cultural family gathering. Ultimately, uTony exists to make contact with the viewer, asserting her presence through outward totems and inward strength.
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