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- 26 September

Isabelle Huppert appears on Chloé Radio

The podcast series features women who embody Chloé’s natural, free-spirited femininity

“To all women, I always say, you must dare.” — Gaby Aghion, founder of Chloé, in 1952.
The Chloé Radio podcast evokes these words by inviting women who inspire Chloé to share their views, whether personal insights or towards the wider world.

In this episode of Chloé Radio, Isabelle Huppert and host Augustin Trapenard discuss the various qualities that give a voice uniqueness, reassurance and depth. Receiving the highest accolades in cinema and theatre, she was awarded a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a dramatic role last year for Elle. She singles out frivolity as an underrated character trait, while describing laughter as “a very intimate pleasure, and very secret.” She notes the relativity of freedom, and offers a surprising reply when Trapenard asks her in what moments she is most daring. With each question, her bracing candour comes through – right down to her thoughts on fashion: “I don’t know if I like fashion, but I like clothes.”

Gaby Aghion founded Chloé to give women freedom to dare to be themselves.

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