- 3 July

New York Minute

Downtown girl-of-the-moment Camilla Deterre in the best of Fall 2017.

Camilla, what projects are you excited to be working on at the moment?
Right now I'm working on the interiors and branding of two bars that will open in the fall as part of a hotel project in Tribeca. I’m also working on a small line of sustainable home goods that will hopefully be ready in time for the holiday season.

You do such a variety of things, what kind of work inspires you the most and why?
I think integrity and honesty inspire me. We live in such a time of this sell-out mentality where everything you do and touch can have a price tag on it. I find it truly inspiring when someone acts outside of that.

Where do you look for ideas?
I don’t really look for ideas, I never really feel like ideas are lacking, but I am someone who has difficulty putting them into reality. I think most ideas are a reaction to an experience you’ve had or something you’ve seen.

What do you like to do in your down time?
Travel or research the places I would like to travel to! I also do all the normal things, like reading, going to museums, looking at books, trying to make things… I've been doing puzzles lately.

How would you describe your sense of style?
I think style, most importantly, is about expression and not imitation… Also, clothes should never get in the way of you doing whatever it is you have to do.

You’ve lived in New York all your life. How has the city influenced you?
In New York you are constantly around so many cultures so you learn to appreciate and value all differences very quickly. Above all growing up here taught/teaches me to keep looking... it’s an endless mess of inspiration and ideas. I always think about street vendors in their traditional clothing, pushing carts in the streets or sitting in the shade of a colourful umbrella, as representing real New York style.

Any New York icons whose look you admire?
Madonna, Tupac Shakur and David Bowie, who I count as an honorary New Yorker.
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