“This time of year is a time to be grateful for the season’s harvest. We’re so lucky in California to have access to amazing farmer's markets and Persimmons are my favourite,” – creative director Eliana Gil Rodriguez at her backyard picnic in LA.
“I’m most thankful for the privilege of being surrounded by incredible women who are strong, kind and endlessly inspiring. It’s important that we support each other, now more than ever, – creative director Eliana Gil Rodriguez says of friend Chloe Bisland, seen here in Spring 17 and her very own Alphabet necklace.


- 2 December

With Love from LA

As the rest of the world bundles up against the biting cold, LA continues to boast clear blue skies and t-shirt temperatures. To kick off the festive season, we captured this eternally sunny mood with creative director Eliana Gil Rodriquez, illustrator Chloe Bisland and actress Laura Gorun. The three friends spent an afternoon basking in the winter sunshine while wearing light-as-air looks from Spring 2017 and trying our Alphabet rings and charms collection on for size.
“Fall in LA is so unique because we have that Indian summer. The Santa Ana winds come through and it gets very hot and dry; there’s a distinct electricity in the air,” – actress Laura Gorun makes the most of the sunshine in LA.
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