Chloé Zodiac Horoscope – Libra 2022

Libra Season – 2022

This Libra Season is quite an active one, although much of the action may take place on the inside. With Mercury in retrograde motion through Virgo, or recovering, for nearly the entire thirty-day period, there is a tremendous pull to introspection and to review and reexamination of all of our affairs, both out in the world and, more tellingly, within the inner domain of each individual psyche. The Libra New Moon that comes along quite early in the season, taking place on Saturday 25 September, is a potent one, almost exactly opposite expansive Jupiter, signaling a fresh start in whatever portion of your solar chart is thereby engaged by that Aries-Libra axis.

The First Quarter Moon that takes place a week later, on 2 October, in another significant juncture during this rather extreme season. That is because Mercury, just stationing, closely opposes Neptune, trines the transformational presence of Pluto, and also aspects – by a close quincunx or inconjunct – Eris, Feminine Warrior in support of soul intention. Mars trines Saturn as well. This is an entirely active collision of planetary energies where almost anything can happen, and where whatever does take place will have an educational and character-building intensity. Something similar could also be said regarding the subsequent Full Moon of 9 October, when Chiron, the Wounded Healer is involved, along with Venus, implying relationship issues that could come up for healing. Finally, on 17 October, we have the Moon’s Last Quarter, the lunar phase that noted 20th century astrologer Dane Rudhyar termed a “crisis in consciousness,” when we will have a grand cross featuring Sun, Moon, Eris, and Pluto, all in close square or opposition with each other. This comes at nearly the very end of the Libra season, and with Mercury recovering from the retrograde. This therefore represents another powerful time of decision, when much is on the line. As we journey further into a climactic fall, we will take with us the lessons and the novel revelations of this entire transformative period.

ARIES (20 Mar. – 19 Apr.). This is, all in all, an introspective season for you, Aries. Early on, Mercury in retrograde implies reviewing and perhaps revising important partnerships, while you examine your relationship dynamic in general. All through this period, you are rethinking future pathways with an eye to enacting more of your own unique principles and values as fundamental to your outward career. This is especially so at the Moon’s First Quarter, on 2 October, and also on the Full Moon of the 9th . On the 17th, transformation and reorientation is in the air. The reward for a difficult season is, in spite of everything, embracing greater self-acceptance.

TAURUS (20 Apr. – 19 May). This is another rather intense season, Taurus, when you will be thinking deeply about your creativity and sense of life purpose, while handling disruptions. As you reexamine issues of self-expression, or perhaps with any children you might have, you are aware also of a strong commitment to your public output that includes departures from what is expected in a normative way. There is a yen to experiment that can prove innovative and useful if you can take the occasional leap of faith to enact it. On the week of the 17th, the desirable outcome is that you will emerge out the other side of this transformational cycle more self-aware than when you began it.

GEMINI (20 May – 20 Jun.). This is a season of introspection, Gemini, when you will be questioning and revising various aspects of your home situation, without necessarily coming to any final conclusions. Your creative self-expression is also on the line, driven by intuitional unconscious forces as much as more conscious ones, and marked as well by the retrograde of Mercury, your ruler, ending in the final week of the Libra season. All through this time, beginning with the Libra New Moon of 25 September, and with subsequent lunations on 2 October, the 9th, and the 17th, you are enacting a transformational intention. You are getting to better know yourself and your future goals, from the inside out.

CANCER (21 Jun. – 20 Jul.). This is another potent and self-reflective season for you, Cancer, affecting the area of home and family, including family of origin, and the psychological roots of your being. This is emphasized at the New Moon of 25 September, when there is additionally the introspective retrograde of Mercury through your communications and learning sector. You might feel almost tongue-tied, yet this season is terrific for significant inner investigation. The Aries Full Moon of 9 October brings transformative pressures to bear that affect your standing in the key relationships of your life. Coming out the other side, you do well to see these relative trials as furthering your growth as a human being.

LEO (21 Jul. – 21 Aug.). This is an amazing season for revelations, Leo. The New Moon of 25 September signals a fresh start on articulating your most basic truth, combined with inner soul-searching. Although introspective, this period of time is also productive of improved understanding. There are likely career choices and fluctuations to deal with, with unexpected limitations to derail you. There are yet also important insights for how well your work in the outer world matches interior perspectives and values. With key partners as potential mentors, you are seeking greater reliance on what you personally believe, making of that your guiding light.

VIRGO (21 Aug. – 21 Sep.). This is another significant season for you, Virgo, and it is a time of inner searching, with hopefully getting a handle on questions that you have long been asking. Mercury is in retrograde, or recovering, for nearly this entire period of time, so that you might find yourself questioning your very identity, along with what your creativity is capable of producing, and why. Introspection leads you through the thickets to some tentative answers. Your working life is part of this, and yet your arc of personal development takes center stage. By the key juncture of 17 October you are more committed than ever to making everything count.

LIBRA (22 Sep. – 22 Oct.) This being your season, Libra, and with a New Moon early in its timing, on 25 September, you are faced with a fresh start. This includes your sense of your basic identity, who you are and who, indeed, you might yet become. Mercury is also in retrograde motion, indicating an inner-oriented glow referencing transpersonal dimensions beyond the merely physical. This is also part of your research, as you gather important perspectives on the hidden areas of your unconscious psyche that you feel the need to plumb. On 17 October, you emerge from this depth dive to find yourself at a crossroads with a considerable degree of intensity and significant decisive import.

SCORPIO (23 Oct. - 21 Nov.). This is an interesting season of contrasts for you, Scorpio; issues of intimacy on the one hand and inner dialog on the other. Your key partnerships are subject to review and transformation. You are also fully committed to interior concerns as symbolized by home and family. These are actually yet harbingers of attention needed in hidden areas of your psyche beyond conscious purview. By the beginning of October your choices are many, although unclear. With the significant juncture of 17 October you might find that interior considerations drive those of the outer world. You may just have to go along with the flow.

SAGITTARIUS (22 Nov. – 20 Dec.). This is an amazing season for your creativity, Sagittarius, and yet much of it will be directed in unusual or even internal directions. You have a powerful mandate to make your inventiveness happen and to watch the effects as you release it into the society around you. Yet you simultaneously are reviewing and rethinking career choices and trying to see them as reflecting your deepest and most sincere principles. You may be faced with changes and yet not quite ready to make them. By season’s end, though, you will have covered a lot of ground on figuring out what to actualize consistent with your evolving values.

CAPRICORN (21 Dec. – 19 Jan.) This is a season of major change for you, Capricorn, so that one way to sum it up might be: “hang on to your seat belt.” Right from the beginning, the Libra New Moon in your career sector signals something of a fresh start in matters of your public statement; while Mercury is also currently retrograding through your sector of education and worldview, so that your beliefs and values are in a process of review and potential reorganization. You may find that October brings course corrections. The planetary collision of 17 October signals an intense transformational outcome derived from novel understandings of your most sincere principles.

AQUARIUS (20 Jan. – 17 Feb.) This is a season of shifting attitudes and understandings for you, Aquarius! With Mercury retrograde in your sector of inner psychological work and partnership intimacy, you will be spending some time reexamining these factors of your life. This is with reference to recent conceptual changes for your deepest principles, your philosophy of life and learning, and your outreach to others. Your own self-concept is a moving target and you will want to go with some part of whatever comes up for you so as not to miss out on novel revelations. The 17 October signals a moment of internal meditative shift that fosters real-world changes. You might find yourself living in a new reality.

PISCES (18 Feb. – 19 Mar.). This is an interesting season for you, Pisces, involving important others as well as yourself. Mercury is in retrograde through your opposite sign, implying more questions than answers regarding existing or intended partners, your own progress, and your relationship dynamic itself. The New Moon of 25 September signals a fresh start in these areas. You are focused on partnership as an endpoint, and yet also as a conduit to inner transformation. The Full Moon that comes long two weeks later, on 9 October, again features your relationships, along with intimations of inner wounding that could sidetrack them. As you succeed in healing these issues, you make progress as well with your own personal evolution.

Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and founder of AstroGraph Software, makers of TimePassages, is based in Santa Cruz, California. His book about Eris, the planet beyond Pluto only recently discovered and named, in 2006, is entitled: The Tenth Planet: Revelations from the Astrological Eris. His second book about new planets is entitled The Ephemeris of Trans-Neptunian KBO Planets.
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