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Chloé Zodiac Horoscope – Taurus 2022

Taurus Season – 2022

Taurus Season began on 19 April with the entrance of the Sun into this sign. As it gets
fully underway, the Taurus New Moon and solar eclipse of Saturday, 30 April, strikes a
powerful chord of retreat from the everyday world, harmonising with the more
spiritually oriented values represented by trickster Uranus and by numinous Neptune in
his rulership of Pisces. Transformationally oriented Pluto remains very much with us,
having been featured in the mid-April Full Moon that preceded this time frame by only a
few days. This New Moon, being an eclipse and therefore just that much more potent,
emphasises the possibility of startling events and unexpected revelations in connection
with action at a distance, transpiring on other planes of reality than the merely

This season is also shaded by the retrograde of Mercury in the early degrees of Gemini,
becoming fully activated on 10 May. This promotes introspection over more direct
communication, and considerations of inner work rather than of more normal social
channels. On Sunday, 15 May, the Full Moon eclipse in late Scorpio emphasises these
more internal tendencies with all three outer planets – Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto –
once again highlighted. This powerful lunation serves as a culmination of the
transformational effects of recent weeks. We could easily find ourselves expressing
what is troubling us from a standpoint of depth, and these internal meditations aid us in
finding our deepest truth within, and acting from strictly this standpoint as we continue
to evolve.

ARIES (20 Mar. - 19 Apr.). This is another intense season for you, Aries, as, coming off
of a potently transformational mid-month Full Moon, you then encounter two eclipses
and Mercury retrograde. You are focused in part on your financial resources, while you
continue to introspect about your life in general. Fluctuations in your bank account can
lose their urgency due to your continued growth in understanding of what really counts.
On 10 May, Mercury stations retrograde; your communications turn still further to the
inside. Look for some relief from the angst by the 15th, when with the Full Moon eclipse,
you begin to embrace the finality of evolutionary change.

TAURUS (20 Apr. - 19 May). This is your time to shine, Taurus, though darkly. The
dynamic 30 April New Moon solar eclipse in your sign signals your identity in transition.
You are tuning in to the inner dimension of your experience, and this is revelatory. You
are seeking an ideal for your pathway forward that may be unable to see concrete
enactment, although you must try. With the Mercury Retrograde of 10 May, as you mull
over your resources and finances, you are attempting to discern your true vocation
from the illusion. With the Full Moon eclipse of 15 May, important partners might aid
you in finding it.

GEMINI (20 May - 20 Jun.). This is an amazing and confounding Taurus Season for
you, Gemini. You are riding a wave of personal transformation into the dynamic New
Moon eclipse of 30 April. This is when you are sincerely focused on inner process,
nearly to the exclusion of all else. Your creativity is imaginative and soaring. Mercury,
your ruler, newly entered into your sign, brings a questioning of your identity over the
coming weeks. This becomes even more intensified by 10 May when Mercury stations
to retrograde. The significant Full Moon and lunar eclipse of 15 May serves to move
you toward greater concrete realisation of your dreams.

CANCER (21 Jun. - 20 Jul.). This is a powerful season for you, Cancer, what with two
eclipses and a Mercury Retrograde. After a transformational relationship-oriented
mid-April Full Moon, you head into the 30 April New Moon eclipse with a determination
to better integrate private and public concerns. There is an increasing focus on future
planning, and on finding your best fit for making your societal contribution. Mercury in
retrograde from 10 May onward brings a great deal of looking to the inside. The lunar
eclipse and Full Moon of 15 May is cathartic, encouraging your creativity and its utility
in making your most idealised vision available to others.

LEO (21 Jul. - 21 Aug.). The Taurus Sun corresponds, Leo, to your career sector. You
begin to see ramifications there with a sense of life mission that includes service to the
world community and to your own ideals of right action and right relationship. The New
Moon eclipse of 30 April signals a fresh start in this area. Then, a week later on,
Mercury retrograding through your sector of societal contribution also represents deep
internal consideration regarding the surrounding collective. With the significant timing
of the Scorpio Full Moon eclipse of 15 May, you are philosophically committed to
taking inner values more seriously, forming a merger of private and public concerns.

VIRGO (21 Aug. - 21 Sept.). This is an interesting time for you, Virgo, with the looming
significant retrograde of Mercury, your ruler. While riding the wave of the dynamically
transformative mid-April Full Moon, you are feeling the ongoing metamorphosis of your
creative self-expression. The eclipses of 30 April and of 15 May make for new
developmental stages and the expansion of horizons both mental and physical, plus in
terms of relationship. When, on 10 May, Mercury stations to retrograde motion in your
career sector this signals an introspective questioning of all facets of your professional
life, seeking a better alignment with inner principles that you personally espouse.

LIBRA (22 Sept. - 22 Oct.) This season is special for you, Libra, and for your
relationships. Especially in May, this important area is emphasised. You are attempting
to assess your partnership connections and their impact on your life. There are also
two eclipses over this time period, beginning with the 30 April New Moon that signals
personal metamorphosis based on idealised visions of a service orientation, and on
right action and right relationship as colouring everything you do. The 15 May Full
Moon is also quietly and transformationally significant. On 10 May, with the Mercury
Retrograde, you are even more thoughtfully regarding your worldview and its influence.

SCORPIO (23 Oct. - 21 Nov.). Key partnerships, Scorpio, can lead you into new and
vitally creative aspects of your unknown self. The 16 April Full Moon that preceded this
Taurus season reminded you of dark truths within you worthy of profound investigation,
while the dynamic New Moon eclipse of the 30th summons the power of relationship to
encourage self-expression and present the mirror to your ongoing explorations. The
mid-May retrograde of Mercury represents further deeply introspective dives. With the
15 May lunar eclipse in your sign you will find issues of self and other that take you into
what you most need to know about your own inner workings.

SAGITTARIUS (22 Nov. - 20 Dec.). This is a season of re-imagining yourself,
Sagittarius, including your sense of life purpose. You have since mid-April been
attempting to understand the true meaning of financial rewards in your life, and
perhaps how to transcend them. The two eclipses of this time period take you further,
with the 30 April New Moon eclipse giving you a fresh perspective on what you are
ultimately up to. Relationship issues will be on your mind for review and potential
revision. The 15 May lunar eclipse represents one layer of fulfilment with regard to the
essentially spiritual evolutionary journey that you are on, as your self-expression soars.

CAPRICORN (21 Dec. -19 Jan.) Your transformational journey continues, Capricorn,
due to the active presence of Pluto, still located in your sign. This is so, in particular,
with the Full Moon of 16 April, just preceding this period, and then with the potent 30
April New Moon eclipse. Your creative self-expression is more fully involved including
romantic conundrums and also issues with any children you might have. You are
growing all the while in your understanding of your true identity, answering the question
of what you came into this lifetime to fulfil. By 15 May, with another extremely potent
eclipse lunation, some partial resolution might well be accomplished.

AQUARIUS (20 Jan. - 17 Feb.) This is another significant season for you, Aquarius, in
which inner activities take precedence over outer ones. The 30 April New Moon eclipse
represents a potent fresh start in home and family concerns plus matters related to
your psychological roots, including family of origin. You may find yourself articulating
new ideas for important inner work. The questioning also continues regarding your
sense of identity and how to enact your deep inner principles and values. With the
extremely powerful Full Moon eclipse of Sunday, 15 May, you are being nudged by the
cosmos to more publicly actualize your growing awareness of bottom-line internal

PISCES (18 Feb. - 19 Mar.) . This is a great season for self-development, Pisces. Your
learning curve is steep and similarly rewarding. After weeks of re-affirming your values,
you enter into a time of evolving identity and greater self-assurance, with emphasis on
communication. This is punctuated by the extremely potent solar eclipse of Saturday,
30 April. The month that follows includes Mercury in retrograde, indicating introspective
realignments, and the Full Moon eclipse of 15 May. This period is a terrific time for blog
posts or journaling with regard to the ongoing spiritually oriented transformation of your
public statement in the way of better employing your most sincere internal principles.

Horoscope by Henry Seltzer of TimePassages.
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