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Women Forward. For a fairer future.To bring positive impact to people & the planet.
This is our purpose guiding all we do.

Our Manifesto

The legacy of our founder, Gaby Aghion, and her forward vision of femininity continues to inspire our long-term commitment to uplift women, rebalance gender-based inequalities, and promote inclusivity. Our goal: creating beautiful products with meaningful impact for people and for the planet.

We know that we need to take immediate environmental actions while there is still time, which is why we are already engaged in changing what needs to be changed and finding alternatives whenever possible.

Our plan is ambitious; and our aim is to extend it to every level, and every individual, within our sourcing and supply chain, our activities and our communities, with women as change agents, inspiring and engaging us.

We have committed to transform our operations and shift our mindset through efforts in everyday practices. We want to improve social and environmental sustainability with greater transparency and accountability. This section will be regularly updated with our progress.

While we are aware change does not happen overnight, and that the change takes many forms, we are dedicated to this exciting journey. We are ready to act for a fairer and more sustainable future together.

Last updated: October 2022

Objectives 2025


of our time dedicated to Gender Equality Initiatives, and creation of an Impact Fund – 1% for the Girls.


lower-impact materials used in collections


fair-trade sourcing

Our Approach

Our B Corp certification, which we achieved in October 2021, shows our intention to shift to a purpose-driven model. We commit to concrete changes in our day-to-day activities at all levels of the organization. To achieve this, we set ambitious objectives for 2021 based on four pillars: Fair & Equal Opportunities for our people, Responsible Sourcing, Positive Impact on Communities, and Impact on the Planet. Measurable objectives are published in this section for each pillar. This roadmap is inspired by our Environmental Impact Report and by our materiality analysis.

We have also created a dedicated sustainability governance structure, comprising our board with external advisors, Amanda Nguyen and Elisabeth Laville, who will hold us accountable to these objectives. We commit to embrace this purpose in all we do.

As social impact is a key pillar of our approach, we are currently working with the Institut Français de la Mode (IFM) and the Conseil National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) to develop a methodology for a social profit and loss account. While research is only just beginning, we plan to make an open-source version of the tool once it is ready.

Our Partners

Collaboration within the industry and even beyond is the only way for systemic change. For that reason, we are proud to work closely with a strong ecosystem of partners across social and environmental topics.

Discover some of our partners and industry initiatives we have joined: B Corp Movement, World Fair Trade Organization, The Fashion Pact, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Sustainable Markets Initiative, Paris Good Fashion.

Our Pillars of engagement

Fair & Equal Opportunities for our people

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Responsible sourcing

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Positive Impact on communities

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Impact on the planet

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Chloé is B Corp certified since October 2021.

B Corp is one of the most demanding certifications that evaluates brands’ social and environmental impact, with over 300 questions about governance, workers, communities and impact on the environment. We are proud to be part of this community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good. By becoming B Corp certified, we reinforce our commitment to taking accountability for our impact on people and the planet.

Sustainability Report

In line with our commitment to greater transparency on our journey towards a more responsible future, both environmentally and socially, we have produced a Sustainability report for 2021. This report details our main objectives in the four pillars of our strategy (people, sourcing, communities and planet) and where we stand on each of these objectives. If you have any questions or feedbacks, please reach out to

Chloé shared its Social Profit & Loss Approach in March 2023.

The Social Profit & Loss approach (SP&L), is a methodology developed by Chloé in partnership with The Institut Français de la Mode (IFM) and the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM). The SP&L is a business management tool that aims to integrate positive social impact into performance reports and accounting frameworks, alongside environmental and financial performance criteria. The tool enables organisations to measure, evaluate, and visualise an organisation’s positive impact on their stakeholders, and to draft tailor-made action plans for making immediate and long-term improvements to their own practices as well as their suppliers. The methodology and deployment formats are open-sourced and available here.

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