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Chloé Craft in detail

Luxury fashion has become overly industrialised, so Chloé is expanding the number of its products handcrafted by independent artisans. All are made with the highest savoir-faire, using quality materials and techniques that cannot be mimicked by machinery, only mastered by the human hand. Chloé Craft promotes a return to craftsmanship and supports the creative value of each artisan through the exceptional limited edition pieces they create. Each Chloé Craft design is embossed with a signature spiral symbol.

Geometric shapes in a web of hand crochet

A drawing by Chloé creative director Gabriela Hearst comes to life as an exceptionally engineered fabrication: soft suede cut into geometrical patches is joined together using a hand crochet technique.

Rainbow scallops in hand crochet

Scallops – an emblem of the Maison – are hand crocheted in recycled multicolour cashmere and then linked one-by-one into a fish scale pattern. Some of the garments made using this technique took hundreds of hours to complete.

Stories from the sea

Seashells, interspersed with gemstones, are hand-macraméd into necklaces and plastrons using deadstock Chloé fabrics from previous seasons.

The second life of silk

Tubular laces made from printed silk are hand macraméd by Madagascar-based social enterprise and World Fair Trade organisation guaranteed member Akanjo, forming garments and accessories.

The second life of silk (continued)

Multicoloured deadstock silk ribbons are hand-macraméd into garments by Madagascar-based social enterprise and World Fair Trade organisation guaranteed member Akanjo.

The finest leather craftsmanship

Soft leather tubular laces are braided by hand into geometric structures inspired by ears of corn, which form the welt and adorn the sole of the Lotte slide.

Hand sculpted jewellery

Earrings – handmade by ceramic artisans in France – are glazed in earthy tones and kiln fired at 1000°C.

Seamless knitted patterns

Knitted panels in organic shapes are crocheted together forming an elaborate composition.

Mood indigo

The indigo stripes of the fringed white cashmere poncho are painted by hand, making every piece unique.

Feeling blue

Indigo stripes are painted by hand onto the fringed white cashmere poncho.


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