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Promote gender equality within the business and beyond, including through education and economic inclusion.

The legacy of our founder, Gaby Aghion, and her forward vision of femininity, continues to inspire our long-term commitment to support women’s advancement, contribute rebalancing gender-based inequalities and promote inclusivity. Today, amidst unprecedented crises, her vision and values remain more relevant than ever.

Recent research shows that educating girls & supporting gender equality is the number one action to towards fighting climate change (Project Drawdown). At Chloé, we strongly believe that empowering women and young girls, while removing barriers to allow them to reach their potential, will contribute to progress worldwide.

Objectives 2024


local Women Forward partnerships active in France, US & Japan.


percent of retail sales donated to initiatives for gender equality.


of all manufacturing suppliers participating in our SP&L approach deployment and capacity building action plan.


Addressing gender inequality is an urgent universal need, and doing so will benefit society globally. There remains a huge gender gap when it comes to access to education, economic inclusion and political empowerment. Consequently women make up nearly 70% of the world’s poor and are disproportionately affected by climate change. Research shows, however, that educating girls and addressing global gender inequality is the number one action in fighting climate change (for more information on the Drawdown Project.)

Chloé was established in 1952 by a woman, with women and for women. Our partnership with UNICEF began in 2019, and since then we have initiated many other collaborations, including selected stakeholders, with one common goal: help uplifting women and try eliminating the barriers that stop them from reaching their full potential.

Staying true to our founder Gaby Aghion’s legacy – and going one step further towards our commitment of creating an impact fund by 2025 – the next chapter of this hopeful and courageous journey is the introduction of our Women Forward Partnerships. Through donations, volunteering time and supply chain orders, Chloé supports its partners who are working tirelessly to close the gender gap.

Click here for application details.


According to UNICEF, globally, the number of young people who are not in school is twice as high for girls as it is for boys. This means that in large parts of the world, girls are not given the chance to contribute fully to positive development of their own lives, and the development of their communities and societies at large.
Since 2019, Chloé has been a proud partner of Skills-4Girls, a UNICEF program that develops girls’ skills in areas such as digital technologies and social entrepreneurship as well as life skills such as problem-solving, negotiation, confidence and communication. To date, this partnership has enabled the training of more than 95,000 girls and Chloé has raised more than €2,3 million and will continue to collect funds to support UNICEF gender equality programs.


Rêv’Elles is a Chloé Women Forward Partner in France. Established in 2013, the French NGO inspires and supports young women from low income neighbourhoods. Through self-confidence workshops, mentoring programmes and dedicated events, Rêv’Elles aims to broaden these young women’s horizons both personally and professionally.

Chloé supports Rêv’Elles in empowering their alumni through training in public speaking as well as the launch of a dedicated safe space for girls and women during and after their programmes, so that ultimately they can become ambassadors of change.

Our key moments

In October 2019,

we launched our partnership with UNICEF, Girls Forward.

In July 2021,

we launched our volunteering programs to support NGOs in line with our mission: Women Forward. For a fairer future.

In March 2023,

we announced a new partner of the Chloé’s Women Forward Partnerships, STEM From Dance in the United States, joining UNICEF and Rev’elles for France.

In May 2023,

Chloé renewed a three-year agreement with UNICEF to bolster gender equality efforts in Morocco, Jordan, and Senegal.

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