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Vision 2025: Advance Gender Equality and inclusion throughout the workplace while supporting and inspiring individuals to take action.

Chloé continues to be an employer that promotes equal opportunities. We want to advance gender equality and inclusion throughout the workplace, while supporting and inspiring individuals.

We aim to foster a workplace where people of every gender, of every ethnicity, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, age or disability – visible or invisible – feel welcomed and valued.

Objectives 2022


collaborators trained on Diversity and inclusion. All collaborators will also be provided with training on gender equality and environment.


performance plan to include a sustainability objective.


hours of volunteering delivered in France, US, China & Japan, in line with our objective of donating 1% of time by 2025.


From the creation of Chloé in 1952, Gaby Aghion worked with women and men to develop their experience and skills in the workplace. Since then, we have continued this approach by recruiting talent from all backgrounds, encouraging employment that is inclusive and respectful of diversity. Our Human Resources teams created a Diversity & Inclusion policy, that is distributed to all collaborators worldwide.
This responsibility extends to all models working with the House whereby we have defined and put in place clear standards to ensure that they feel protected and valued at Chloé. As one example, Chloé will protect the personal identity of models, avoiding any misrepresentation of their culture, origins or beliefs. This includes skin lightening, hair straightening and removal of braids.
Since January 2022, Chloé is a member of the French Association of Managers for Diversity.


The legacy of our founder, Gaby Aghion, and her forward vision of femininity, continues to inspire our long-term commitment to support women’s advancement and rebalance gender-based inequalities. We are proud that women currently make up 80% of our team at our headquarters in Paris, and 83% of Chloé worldwide. 70% of top management positions worldwide are held by women.
At Chloé, every collaborator – of every gender – is an ambassador of our values and commitment towards gender equality and we officialised our commitment by signing the Women Empowerment Principles of the United Nations in January 2021.


We see people as change agents of our transition to a purpose-driven business model. For this reason, we have integrated measurable indicators related to sustainability in performance plans for all collaborators since April 2021. Our Executive Committee members, including our CEO, also have Sustainability-related objectives. Regarding our CEO, that accounts for 10% of his objectives. To support everyone through this transformation, we regularly organise training for all collaborators worldwide on gender equality, climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals. For example, more than one employee out of two at our Paris HQ has been trained on the Climate Fresk and we continue our efforts to reach 100%.
On more specific topics, we also organise technical training. For example, we trained 100% of our product teams on lower impact materials and eco-design, and we will be updating this training twice a year.
At the leadership level, we have created a training plan on sustainability for the members of our executive committee. What’s more, for all executive committee members, including our CEO, we have integrated sustainability indicators into their formal objectives.


To engage teams to make a meaningful impact and translate the Maison’s purpose into concrete actions in their daily lives, we are offering all our employees in France, the US, Japan and China access to 8 hours of volunteering. This represents 80% of our staff worldwide. On July 21, we introduced the program in France with a digital platform giving our employees access to NGOs delivering missions aligned with our purpose Women Forward. For a fairer future. The program includes several types of contributions to gender equality, environment, social equality, diversity and inclusion, through initiatives like mentoring, brainstorming, field missions, etc. Following that, the program was launched in November 2021 in the US, and early 2022 in China and Japan.
NGOs we work with for this program are carefully selected to be long-term partners of the Maison to focus and increase our impact.

Our key moments

In January 2021,

we signed the Women Empowerment Principles of the United Nations.

In January 2022,

Chloé became a member of the French Association of Managers for Diversity.

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