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Vision 2025: Increase economic opportunities and reduce inequalities for girls and women.

The legacy of our founder, Gaby Aghion, and her forward vision of femininity, continues to inspire our long-term commitment to support women’s advancement, rebalance gender-based inequalities and promote inclusivity. Today, amidst unprecedented crises, her vision and values remain more relevant than ever.

Recent research shows that educating girls & supporting gender equality is the number one action to towards fighting climate change (Project Drawdown). At Chloé, we strongly believe that empowering women and young girls, while removing barriers that allow them to reach their potential, will contribute to progress worldwide.

Objectives 2022


girls impacted by Chloé’s contribution to UNICEF Girls Forward partnership, and launch of 3 new local partnerships supporting gender equality in France, US and Asia.


of revenue donated to initiatives for gender equality. By 2025, we plan to reach 1%.


integrated (product orders + donation + volunteering) partnerships with social enterprises.


Young girls are 3 times more likely than young boys to be out of school. With a secondary education, however, women may expect to earn twice as much as those with no education.
In 2019, we initiated GIRLS FORWARD, a three-year partnership with UNICEF to provide girls with skills to advance in the workplace through education, entrepreneurship and training programmes in five countries: Bolivia, Jordan, Morocco, Senegal and Tajikistan. To date, the programme has reached 30,000 girls. Thus far, Chloé has raised more than €1.3 million for the GIRLS FORWARD initiative, and will continue to collect funds to support UNICEF gender equality programmes.


The World Economic Forum predicts that reaching Gender Equality will now take over 135 years, while closing the Economic Gender Gap will take 268 years. Yet the share of philanthropic giving to organisations supporting women & girls remains below 2% globally.
At Chloé, we believe that girls & women can be essential change agents for a fairer future.
In addition to donating 1% of our time via volunteering programmes, we pledge to create an Impact Fund, titled 1% FOR THE GIRLS, dedicated to initiatives supporting gender equality.
Our goal is to support women-led civil society organisations that foster women’s economic, social, environmental, and political empowerment. We hope to lead the way for more organisations to join our pledge in a collective effort to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


At Chloé, we support initiatives with positive impact on the society by sharing our resources and visibility with social organisations. Quite simply, ‘people helping people’.

For the Autumn – Winter 21 collection, we collaborated with Sheltersuit, a social justice organization that provides direct protection against cold and rain for homeless people through multifunctional clothing (full-length outerwear that combines a jacket and sleeping bag). Assembled in the Netherlands by refugees and former homeless people, each weather-resistant piece is made entirely from upcycled materials.

Our key moments

In October 2019,

we launched our partnership with UNICEF, Girls Forward.

In July 2021,

we launched our volunteering programs to support NGOs in line with our mission: Women Forward. For a fairer future.

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