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Drive a transparent, traceable and fair supply chain.

We intend to become a force for positive change beyond the Chloé workplace by working with our main suppliers to promote and improve our standards while ensuring transparency.
Based on our environmental impact research, we learned that our biggest impact comes from raw materials. This has prompted us to work with external experts to identify lower impact materials. We are focused on increasing their proportion such that we can reach 90% by 2025 at latest. Consequently, this will contribute to our target of reducing emissions by more than 30% per product (year 2019 as the baseline). You can find our guidelines for sourcing here.

Objectives 2024


Share of products with lower impact main materials in offer (average on all categories)


Share of Fair Trade, social enterprises and social sourcing on Chloé Ready-To-Wear offer


Share of Digital Product Passport on Ready-To-Wear


The World Fair Trade Organization is a global community of social enterprises that fully practice fair trade. Its guaranteed system is one of the only international verification models focused on social enterprises that put the interests of people and the planet first.
Following a partnership signed with WFTO in September 2020, Chloé launched its first fair-trade luxury collections in March 2021, which were both ethically produced and environmentally more responsible. Over time, we will increase the quantity of fair-trade items in our collections, maintaining the highest luxury quality, while making products that are beautiful and meaningful. In 2022, 12% of our Chloé ready-to-wear offer comprised fair-trade guaranteed products. In 2023, we achieved 20% and aim to reach 22% by 2024. As such, we are working on adding social enterprises to our existing supply chain partners, as well as helping existing suppliers work towards fair trade certification and pursuing our collaborations with partners that we integrated in our supply chain in 2021.


Our lower impact materials are split into three main categories:

  • Organic: defined as material sourced from agricultural processes that adhere to organic standards.
  • Recycled: refers to material that contains at least 50% of material that has been recovered or diverted from non-hazardous waste.
  • Deadstock: leftover materials are transformed into new products to decrease the production of new materials while lowering our environmental footprint.

At Chloé, we joined the Leather Working Group in 2017 to support more sustainable leather manufacturing. The Leather Working Group is an international organisation made up of stakeholders across the leather supply chain, working to promote environmental best practice within leather manufacturing and related industries.


We currently require supply chain partners (Tier 1, Tier 2 and nominated raw materials suppliers) to comply with the Richemont Code of Conduct a new version of which will be launched in 2024. The Chloé team can also ask for social audit reports prior to any business relationship or run, at any time, its own social audit using SMETA specifications, with the support of SGS, ELEVATE or Bureau Veritas.
In line with our commitment to greater transparency on our supply chain, you can find here the list of our main suppliers. This list will be updated every 6 months.
Lastly, since 2021, we share guidelines with our supply chain partners, encouraging them to initiate a Sustainability strategy, measure progress, support innovation and seek certifications.
We expect our suppliers to act in favor of gender equality; avoid any form of discrimination; promote underrepresented minority workers communities; and support local communities whenever possible.


In February 2023, Chloé unveiled its Digital ID enabling circularity with Instant Resale – a first in the industry. The initiative has three main purposes: to ensure authenticity, traceability and to facilitate care & repair. When customers scan the unique digital ID embedded in the product, they are redirected to a dedicated page. Here customers can learn more about the entire manufacturing process, find care and repair instructions, and also locate their product certificate of authenticity, complete with a unique ownership number. Through this page, customers also have access to a link to facilitate the product’s future second-hand resale directly through Vestiaire Collective. After landing on a dedicated Chloé x Vestiaire Collective pre-filled listing form, customers can choose from three exchange options:
1. A voucher that can be redeemed on the Chloé website
2. A Vestiaire Collective voucher – a first for the platform – demonstrating Chloé’s support of the second-hand market.
3. Alternatively – reflecting Chloé’s commitment to improving social impact – a charitable donation to UNICEF’s gender equality initiatives can be made.
Bags and shoes from all previous collection, with or without Digital ID, are also accepted on the resale partnership page.

We invite you to explore our case study documenting key learnings on our journey.

Guidelines for sourcing 2024

In line with our commitment to promote responsible sourcing, we publish every year an updated version of our guidelines for sourcing, available for download here:
Guidelines for sourcing – version 4
The document lists a series of rules and policies for the sourcing of raw materials, fair trade products, animal welfare and packaging consumption.
To contact us with any questions or feedback please email

Our key moments

For International Women’s Day 2021,

Chloé released its very first fair-trade luxury collection in partnership with UNICEF.

In 2022 on average,

65% of Chloé’s ready-to-wear products were classified as lower impact, meaning that they were made from 80% or more lower impact materials.

In March 2023,

Chloé shared its Social Profit & Loss Approach in open source.

In April 2024,

Chloé developed its Social Sourcing framework which provides financial support for supplier capacity building programs.

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